Jesper Pedersen

composer | performer | educator


Things are looking quite good in Iceland at the moment and it’s possible to perform music again.

Here’s Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet performing a “Simulkast” concert. A concert form with both a live audience and streaming:

June 23 2021: Participating with a piece in the PULS Binaural Headphone Concert #4 hosted by Audiorama and curated by Marcus Wrangö. The event is supported by the Puls Network under the Nordic Culture Fund.

August 19-21 2021: Participating on the Summartónar Festival in the Faroe Islands with STORMKRÓKUR.

September 1-4 2021: Participating in the Nordic Music Days in the Faroe Islands with Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet and with my electronic piece Additive Space.

Medio September 2021: Premiere of a new piece for Elektra Ensemble on the Hljóðön concert series. The piece is supported by the RÚV/STEF Composers Fund and 365 Composer’s Fund.

October 1-3 2021: Participating in the OpenDays Festival in Aalborg [DK], with a new piece for voice and electronics premiered by Marianne Heuer.

October 7-10 2021: Participating on the Extreme Chill Festival in Reykjavik [IS] with Harp & Arp



Working on a new release with Icelandic artist Páll Ivan frá Eiðum. Together we are STORMKRÓKUR. Concerts TBA in Finland and the Faroe Islands.

Working on a new release with harpist Katie Buckley (Icelandic Symphony Orchestra/Björk). Together we are HARP & ARP.